Ameranth Poker Room Manager
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The 21st Century Casino™ suite includes the following modules:

Ameranth Poker Room Manager

Ameranth, Inc.'s comprehensive poker room management system increases the number of hands played per hour and the total rake. For streamlined operations throughout your poker room, this automated, integrated table and waitlist management system combines:

  • a board person terminal
  • player waitlist displays
  • dealer rotation displays
  • dealer, staff and player pagers

Smoother operations means faster seating and greater player satisfaction - players keep playing and they keep coming back.

Ameranth Poker Tournament Manager

Ameranth, Inc.’s complete poker tournament management system, features automated registration and clock for streamlined operations of your tournaments. This automated, integrated tournament system combines:

  • Tournament Manager
  • Tournament Registration
  • Tournament Clock

Smoother tournaments mean shorter registration lines and greater player satisfaction – players keep playing, and coming back for your next tournament.

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